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Why should you invest in a leather briefcase?

There are more ways to emphasize your solidity and elegance than via an extravagant suit or original Swiss watches. A trendy portfolio constructed of high-quality leather perfectly complements the impeccable look of a modern man and introduces a touch of orderliness into his image. We can hardly imagine a serious businessman carrying all his papers in the bare hands. Bulging pockets or small items falling out of a jacket or trousers will never do justice to your appearance. Why not carry your stuff with a difference? Nothing can step up your look like a leather briefcase that neatly accommodates all your everyday essentials.

Having been in demand for more than a century (the first samples appeared in France in the mid-XIX century, although the prototypes have been known since the dawn of time), a briefcase bag is an indispensable companion of a rational, practical, and disciplined male. Businessmen, officials, clerks, students, and professors take advantage of this accessory to create an attractive image of a competent professional. At the same time, a captious men's leather briefcase has long been used in everyday life as a convenient and handy substitute for a rucksack or bag.
Perhaps, you are also considering investing in a stylish briefcase but not yet fully convinced you really need it. If so, Kalating has some ironclad arguments to why a male briefcase is a must-have.
The key mission of a men's briefcase
A briefcase bag is an inseparable attribute of a modern man. Its main purpose is to transport your documents and papers in a well-organized and tidy fashion. Along with that, it protects them from the outdoor rigours and ensures they are safe and sound in wind, rain or snow.
That said, contemporary models are more than just containers for files and paper sheets. They are designed to gracefully house all the necessary gadgets, stationery, presentation materials, and even something to munch on your lunch break. On top of that, men’s leather portfolios feature numerous compartments and pockets for small items (a USB flash drive, keys, pens, business cards, for instance). Simply put, everything that you previously carried in your pockets can be nicely fit into a single briefcase.
Stylish practicality

A briefcase is not only a means to transport your papers from one point to another. It will come in handy in the office space, too. A large number of pockets and compartments will help you evenly and conveniently arrange hodgepodge and whatnot. By and large, a briefcase is a great alternative to cumbersome organizers. Check out Downy Birch, London Plane, Scots Pine and Balsam Fir for instance. They all come with multiple compartments for effectual space management.

Whenever you need to take a briefcase outside or just move it around, you’ll benefit from a convenient shoulder strap. Detachable or embedded, it allows sporting your leather accessory with style and ease. It is quite an advantage over models that feature only a handle. A strap’s length can be easily regulated meaning you can adjust it to your height or body type. In addition, Kalating offers straps made of full leather with padding for enhanced durability and comfort.
Gives a Boost of Confidence
Today, a briefcase for men is the perfect way to flaunt your statement style. It is capable of enlivening your ensemble in a heartbeat while reinforcing your status as a bold and confident person. A neat briefcase in your hands speaks louder than words of your success, reliability, and charisma. It reveals you as a person who respects order and possesses just the right dose of pedantry. With a sharp accessory by your side, you’ll stride through life with self-assurance, audacity, and composure … like a boss.

A hip portfolio like English Elm will do nicely for virtually any purpose. In particular,  will suit you well when coming over to your friends or colleagues, when going to an interview or simply carrying the necessities round the town. An edgy look and unrivalled functionality are the main benefits of this stupendous item for everyday use.

Serves a lifetime

Although there are many models made of leatherette or canvas, they don’t hold a candle to full grain leather briefcases like Grand Fir and Corsican Pine in terms of durability and appeal. Top-notch genuine calfskin or cowhide enhanced with meticulous craftsmanship and close attention to detail is a guarantee that your briefcase stands a test of time. By investing in a solid portfolio today, you will save yourself from unnecessary expenditure tomorrow.

Leather briefcases look grand at every stage of their lifespan. Sleek and crisp, they arrest attention with the irresistible charm and phenomenal magnetism. Over time, the gloss and freshness will give way to the captivating retro vibe. In 20 or 30 years, this will be an item with its own history and unique wow-factor. Be that as it may, a luxurious leather briefcase will become your trustworthy companion for many years to come. Wherever you go, it will demand the eye and admiration of every passer-by.
Still Not Convinced? Let the Science Talk
Stylists and fashion gurus confirm – a modish men’s briefcase bag is not a whim but one of the most useful things ever. This opinion is echoed by thousands of guys who have already tried this stylish accessory and no longer imagine their lives without it. We asked men what they think about briefcases and here are the results we obtained:
  • about 30% of men believe that a briefcase or bag is as important as clothing and shoes. They are not ready to leave it at home when going out for fun or business;
  • approximately 25% of respondents confessed that they unwittingly lose trust in a business partner who comes to negotiations without any business attribute;
  • every fifth man says that a briefcase packed in the evening helps to arrive at work on time;
  • 10% consider briefcases sort of a ‘wingman’ helping to make a lasting impression on ladies.

A leather briefcase bag picked up to blend in with your individual style strikes the right note whether you are in the business environment or surrounded with friends. It has the power to enthral and inspire confidence. Not sure where to get a striking accessory to take your look to the next level? You’ve come to the right place. Expertly designed and made to chill, men’s leather briefcases from Kalating won’t leave you cold. Feel free to browse through our massive catalogues and pick up an accessory that takes control.


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