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Know what you are buying


The bag you buy from us are not churned out in 100's from a factory production line.

They are handmade and crafted individually and hence may be subject to a natural minimal variation in size and colour.

The distressed leather which is our most popular leather hides used for our bags have been processed and tanned to give the finished leather an antique / vintage / worn out look.

This means each hide may be slightly different from the next, e.g. the grain on the hide may be a little uneven or have natural marks on it. Few scuffs, scratches, crunch marks on the leather is all character of the distressed leather giving it a worn out look which we have tried to show on the images. Each swatch of the animal skin absorbs the colour differently, so there may be slight colour variations. This together with the hand finishing means that no two leather bags look exactly the same. 

Please be aware that the metal parts which rub against each other may have minor scratches on them from handling, like clasps while sliding through. Sometimes when the leather is brand new the natural dyes which are still settling in the leather may transfer across to lighter clothing. This is rare but normal depending on how porous that particular batch of natural leather is. Continue to use the bag and exposure to natural light and heat will settle the dyes on the new skin within few days of use. You can also simply wipe the surface of the bag thoroughly to minimise this.

As the bag is used, a beautiful patina will form on the leather as oils from your skin and other elements of the environment absorbs into it and we hope you will fall in love with your bag and its leather a little more every passing day as it ages gracefully with you.


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